Joe Monostori has been brewing at home for years now.  His sister Tomara has been drinking that beer.  Together we have started this Brew Club to get like minded brewer's and beer connoisseur's together to be part of the Brew Barn Experiment as we work together towards the opening a brewery of our own. 

We wanted to create a space where brewer's could gather, make great beer and new friends. This is the Brew Barn Experiment.  

When the opportunity to be part of the Denman Ranch Collective of Producers was presented to us, we could not pass up the unique experience.  Joe has the been passionately working on building out the space to be unlike any other brew club around by bringing state of the art equipment together with the rugged and timeless look of the ranch.

The idea  of having a brewery has been a dream since we were kids growing up on a winery.  Our Dad was the head winemaker and the science and chemistry of making alcohol is in our blood.  Joe branched out to beer and has since won numerous home brew competitions.  

You are the BREWER at the Brewer’s Beer Barn.